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X-less fun with crux

Browsing about on K.Mandla's blog I ended up fascinated with his ex­per­i­ments in no X, dvtm, and various other light­weight software. As I went further down the rabbit hole, I ended up searching for a source-based linux dis­tri­b­u­tion which was very simple (doesn't pull in lots of de­pen­den­cies on install), and had something like the FreeBSD ports system. Crux was what I found, and (so far) I've only found one piece of software I needed that the ports system did not have. Better than that - the ports system was simple enough that I was able to create a port for the missing softare that night, and have the repository publicly available the very next night!

If found that useful enough to document the process about httpup repository deployment. The procedure was simple but as with any semi-complex task, the how will fade away much faster than the what and why.

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