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New chassis for NAStie

It is always exciting (and scary!) when a new system arrives, and arrive it did: A brand spanking seller-re­fur­bished Dell Optiplex GX620 with 512 MB of RAM and a 40 GB hard drive. Wooo!


Anyway, the first task was to confirm it worked, which I did and it did. The second task was to move NAStie (of building NAStie) over to the new system.

Sur­pris­ing­ly (with a few burps because of SATA connected to the wrong port and other fumbles) everything worked right away. I just made sure to zpool export and zpool import as rec­om­mend­ed on a forum post about similar hijinks and the system is op­er­a­tional 20 minutes after the switch!

Now, to upgrade the 512 MB of memory (barely useful) to a slightly bigger value (4G should do ;)).

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