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What is this?

This is the Short Attention Span Theatre. It has no purpose other than to entertain me. In the process it happens to provide a place to play and a useful location for information I would like to be readily available on the web, but the primary purpose is just to let me play.

This website has been around for a while in different iterations, with this iteration it is possible (if not likely) that the backend will not be changed for a while. A list of the sections one might find here, along with brief descriptions, follows.

  • Blog posts going back to 1998, although the posts are years in between sometimes.
    • The most recent seven posts are above.
    • The earliest posts were not a blog, were before blogs, but there is really no where else to put them.
  • Various projects I have worked on or have in progress.
  • A variety (small) of information related to current research.

Note: As life does go on, and this site is last priority, it will be some time before all content is transplanted to its new home. Patience, as those who have it say, will win out.

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