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Code and cause

Ok, I think that I finally got all the stuff done (code wise) that I wanted on this site. Well, at least for this week. You'll notice that the menu is over on the right hand side of the main content, and should stay there for some time. If you would like to know which page has been updated lately then look for the different colors in the menu. The updated links should be a blue color, while everything else will stay drab. By the way, do NOT go to the links page, because it is broken. Telepath and I are working to figure out why I can't completely upload that file, so that we can let you click away on that enormous list of sites, but for now... well... just make do.

As always, I am looking for any way to make this page more user friendly, more useful, and better looking. Please leave any gripes, complaints, sug­ges­tions, com­pli­ments, or grammar lessons in the guestbook (trumpets) that you can reach through the above menu. Not only is it easier to do, but there's a much higher chance of a response.

I would like to suggest that anyone who is visiting click on any of the "causes" below these paragraphs. They will take you to websites that merit more than a casual surf. Examples are the Internet Privacy Coalition, the Blue Ribbon Campaign, and S.P.U.T.U.M - "Subgenius Police (Usenet Tactical Unit) Mobile," a group of dedicated and quirky SPAM fighters from beyond there. Not one of those links cost you a cent, or make me one. So, for those of you to whom any "campaign" is simply more con artists out to make a buck: Think again. Take a look, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Oh, yeah, some new files (should be up by now, damn I'm lazy) and probably a list of the extremely modest selection of online link graphics I've done for some people. Remember, it's only a hobby (and not my primary one at that) so no laughing unless you've never done anything silly, ok?

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