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Tale of me

For the past month or so my husband, Dave, has been after me to give him some actual substance to post on my portion of our website. I've been trying to figure what I'd like to put on display. What does anyone want to know about me? Does anyone care about what I have to add to this website? Then I thought, there are at least a billion other internet sites that you could be looking at, yet you're looking at mine. If you like what I have to say on this site, let me know. If you don't, go to one of the other billion sites but check back with this one later.

I've decided that the "theme" of my portion of the site will be recipes. Once a week I'll try a new one. If it's a good one I'll share it. If it's a bad one... well, you never have to know. Dave has kindly offered to be my taste tester-oh, the sacrifices he makes! My first recipe is going to be for Green Chili Quiche. Why that one? My mother has been requesting that one and that way she has reason to check out this site. (Sneaky, huh?)

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