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Back in Hell

I've returned from my roadtrip, and now I'm back in oklahoma. It was great seeing Mike and Kirstin again, as well as driving to see my parents and the rest of the family and friends in New York. My nephew, Damian, is almost five and will be starting kinder­gar­den in the fall. It makes me feel really old. While I was back I picked up 2 copies (one for Damian, one for me) of Coraline, it's a won­der­ful­ly spooky kids book. But now, I'm back at work, and getting ready for a big numbered air force SAV (inspection.) So you can imagine that my workload, after being gone for two weeks, is immense. It's been full 7:30 to 5:00 days (if i'm lucky i've gotten a lunch break,) and I'm at work again today (saturday (actually i'm taking a bit of a break to write this.)) I should have been packing up my stuff to move. I've got to be out of the apartment by 11 aug, but work has been kicking my butt, so i go home and pass out instead of boxing stuff up. I just found out there is an 1A5 spot opening in alaska sometime in jan, I've been talking to all the right people, so keep your fingers crossed and i may be up there again real soon. "Where are we going??? Planet 10!!! When are we going??? Real Sooon!!!" Sorry just had a Buckaroo Bonzai flashback. Anyways I should probably get back to work on my stan/evil website.

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