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On the Brink

I had expected to see more posts up here by dave while he's "back in the land of the sand...." but maybe there's good reason for no posts. Maybe the site's block over there, maybe he doesn't want to discuss anything that he's not supposed to... Maybe i shouldn't be writing either. Back "home" (not real home of New York, but home of where I'm living) everyone is on edge. Everyone at work is leaning so far forward I'm surprised that we are keeping our balance. I guess there is good reason. There've been too many tragedies in the world as of late. DC, my home state's icons, lives lost on the ground and in the air. At times makes you want to have a superhero show up and save the day (no not superman, but Heroic Nude and Buck Naked (inside joke just ask and i'll explain in email if you don't get it)) but they don't exist (at least not Superman) so the govenment is doing all that it can. It may not be the "right thing" but it needs to be done, and it just may be the best al­ter­na­tive that we have. If everything continues on this course, I'll be seeing dave real soon, and brownie will be sitting at home coming up the the worst possible senerios (good thing he's not on their side). I've started seeing (almost dating, but not quite) someone here in OKC who just may be psycho. I guess I haven't learned my lesson from my X or other previous girl­friends. At least i'll have some time away to figure out what i'm doing. I'm also trying to decide what to do when my time is up here (aug 04). I'm leaning heavily towards going north to someplace wher there are four seasons, with mountains lakes and real cities too. My last trip to a different sandbox and the large amount of psycho dates i'm having here is factoring in on the final decision. Well I just needed a place to rant for a bit. Hope it didn't take up too much of your time or drive space as the case may be.

By the way "Su­per­man"'s name was used without consent from DC or time/warner.

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