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Thanks to Duncan and update

Thanks, Duncan, for helping to keep something up here while I'm adjusting over in Saudi.

Currently I'm adjusting to a constantly changing schedule, trying to get college courses done, keeping in touch with the wife, and attempting not to have a repeat of the Saudi trip in 98 (the one where I kept reading Nietzsche).

I've not been able to surf the web as I usually do (big surprise) nor use my preferred email client, but overall the trip has been alright.

Been thinking about something, trying to pat it into shape. I seems that (speaking broadly) there are two types of people: Those who think that internal problems (in the mind) cannot be fixed and try to regulate behavior through punishment, and those who think that internal problems can be fixed and thus resist punishing.

Just the thought I'm trying to pat into shape...

Y'all have a safe day... and, Duncan, I'll see you over here (possibly P-Funk as well).

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