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My Funny MTA

Here's a little ditty that a member of the qmail mailing list whipped up. Don't worry if you don't get it: Just tear your hair out installing a mail server... you will. ;]

                           "My Funny MTA"
         (Sung to "My Funny Valentine", by Rodgers and Hart,
         parody lyrics Copyright (c) 2004 James Craig Burley)

                            My funny MTA,
                           l33t h4x0rd MTA,
                   You make mail hop with a splash.

                       Your code is laughable,
                        And un-call-graphable,
                Yet you're my fav'rite piece of trash.

                  Does your queue know not to sync?
                     Is your port about to wink?
                      When you open it to link,
                            Do you crash?

                    Don't patch your code for me,
                      Not if your node is free,
                        Stay, open MTA, stay.

                      Dropped mail is MTA's way.
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