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qemu, Windows 2000, and kqemu

Ok. Here's the short version of how to install qemu and kqemu on Ubuntu 5.10. Assuming a standard desktop in­stal­la­tion, the following must be installed using Synaptic (or your favorite apt-package manager):

Now, follow the directions on this page.

One in­struc­tion that stumped me was the directions for the ./configure step. Instead of the command line that the author suggests (which, using my system, resulted in kqemu.ko not being built):

./configure --prefix=/usr --cc=gcc-3.4 --host-cc=gcc-3.4 --kernel-path=/usr/src/$(uname -r)/

Try the following:

./configure --prefix=/usr --cc=gcc-3.4 --host-cc=gcc-3.4

That should work for installing. Using, well, I didn't notice much difference. Maybe a bit snappier, but not a 5-10x increase in speed.

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