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Time and space saving with Portmaster

In my re­dis­cov­ery of FreeBSD I discovered some portmaster settings which help immensely with two competing problems when using the ports system.

  1. We need build-de­pen­den­cies installed to build certain ports.

  2. We do not want build-de­pen­den­cies installed all the time.

Rebuilding the de­pen­den­cies every time some port needs a particular one stinks, and apparently someone else thought so as well. They came up with a solution I like, but I also know I check the solutions I create too rarely, and included doc­u­men­ta­tion of each option in my version (contents of /usr/local/etc/portmaster.rc below).

# Do not create temporary backup packages before pkg_delete (-B)

# Make and save a package of the new port (-g)

# Always delete stale distfiles without prompting (-d)

# Install a package if available (-P or --packages)

# Delete build-only dependencies when finished (--delete-build-only)

# Specify a local package repository (--local-packagedir)

# Only use packages from --local-packagedir (--packages-local)

# Do not prompt the user for failed backup package creation

That would have been easy to figure out had I actually read the sample file... heh. Guess I will have to build X.Org and awesome to try this out.

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