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Symantec LiveUpdate annoyance

Ever since installing Symantec Endpoint Protection in unmanaged mode LiveUpdate has been annoying me by updating itself once per day... that is not the annoyance, though. The annoyance is it creates a window on screen showing progress, and then requires user in­ter­ven­tion to make it go away!

I was just starting on my quest to find a way to change that behavior when I found someone had already done the homework. Far be it from me to be ungrateful and not use the results of his efforts (command-line used below). ;)

$ sudo symsched -d all
$ sudo symsched LiveUpdate "Update All Daily" 1 0 -daily 03:13  "All Products" -quiet

Oh, and the references he lists are here, there, and the other place in case his blog goes bye-bye.

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