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Xorg font follow-up

In Debian on Macbook Pro 5.2 I mentioned using the xterm*font resource to get rid of the nasty fonts, and then could not find the TTF fonts in xfontsel/xlsfonts (despite using my previous post about xorg font hell), and began to get very frustrated.

Apparently, the frus­tra­tion was not necessary. Apparently, while I have spent my time in OS X land, the Linux universe was moving further and further from having X provide the fonts, instead using fontconfig and other tools. Also xterm has a method to access ttf fonts separate from the normal X fonts.

The following (in com­bi­na­tion with a recent article on the top 10 pro­gram­ming fonts) fixed me up.

xterm*faceName:     DejaVu Sans Mono
xterm*faceSize:     8

I just plopped it in my .Xresources file, removed the xterm*font line, merged the resources using xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources, and relaunched my xterms.

Now, why is FireFox giving me fits?

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