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Welp, another week in the Land of Clay. Once again I survive a week in Oklahoma, only to find that I must spend yet another one here... After all this time, I finally decided what my web page was lacking, and, in deciding that, realized what to do: Put a commentary of life, the universe, and everything smack dab on the main page. This portion will be useless to those of you who could care less about my ob­ser­va­tions and/or opinions, so leave. If you do care to spend some time reading my ramblings then I con­grat­u­late you for your courage, and will enjoy your company. This should be updated weekly, so watch this space for updates. As always, any comments, gripes, bitches, complaints, questions, or grammar/language lessons are encouraged - I will respond to them all.

This week, I did a bit of thinking about The Way that Things Are, and The Way that I Want Them To Be. Although I didn't come up with much, I did discover that my ability to let go of life (read: energy) has diminished the older I became. I was clutching life to my bosom, attempting to savor it (what little I felt I had left) and never once re­mem­ber­ing how incredibly full of life I felt when I was four, or five years old. I think what happens to people as they grow older is a retreat from spending that energy. They no longer throw it towards anyone that happens to be around, just letting them know, "I'm ALIVE!" Instead they hoard it, thinking that in doing so they are saving the energy they have, and will be able to use it more wisely. I disagree with that. I believe that as you go through life, you have more of a need to spend the energy. You won't lose anything by emitting it freely, and will be replaced by two things - balance and more energy. It seems to me that your energy, life, karma, chi... whatever the word, is one of the only things in this world that re­plen­ish­es itself without fail, but only if you spend it freely. If you don't, on the other hand, you'll end up like some of the people that I know: Never knowing what's wrong, feeling apathetic about even that, and hoarding their energy, banking their fire, until it eventually flickers out.

That's it for this week... more from the perception of Dave next week... this week, I'm tired, and going to bed.

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