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Perceptual 180°

To address an earlier comment made in the last theatre: The comments on life, the universe, and everything have been moved to a neat-O page of their own. I got tired of thinking that I might have to update the main page every time I had something to say, and decided that having them on the main page were probably holding me back from writing anything, as I am the second-laziest human alive. Loafy comes in first, but, well, we can't really expect to keep up with the Master, you know?

Anywho, it's been four months since I last dropped a line in here, and in the past 16 weeks there must have been a myriad of changes in my per­cep­tions, thoughts, and beliefs; right? Right. In the past 16 weeks I've come to realize that people don't see me the way that I see myself, and that my actions are not in­ter­pret­ed the way that I intended. This may sound like simplicity itself... but it is very different to know that people don't think the way you do, than to feel it and have examples thrown in your face. Oftimes, the only thing that you can do is go somewhere quiet and think. Then just hope that you figure out what's going on before you hurt someone. ;) Anyway, just thought that I would let everyone out there know that I know what it's like now, and it's not a very com­fort­able feeling. It makes you think about what you're saying, and preplan actions/statements/etc just incase it doesn't work out the way you think it will. Having never really thought about it, or done anything about it, this all came as a surprise to me. And for all of you who had already known this: Don't be so smug. Something will come along someday that will freak you out, and I'll be there laughing!

Another 16 weeks down the drain - when will it ever end.

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