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Back from the depths of Maine

Welp, back from the deepest, darkest jungle of Maine. Whew. You know, I think that vacations are sometimes more exhausting than work. I was glad to be back so that Christy and I could relax. On to other things. Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a while. Had to move it from the firewall to an internal server (some silliness about security ;]) but it's all joy and happiness now.

Should be reg­is­ter­ing the new domain name(s) soon, and setting those up on the local ISP.

MMmmmm... summer in Alaska, and no de­ploy­ments coming down the pipe! Also, Duncan, good to see you again, man. It had definitely been too long, and I hope that your status report on my wife is good (chuckle). Nice to see you're registered on the page, too.

Christy will probably be putting up a recipe that I remembered my Uncle Carl making when I was ~nine for 'Linguine with Clam Sauce'. Both of them say there's nothing to it, and don't know why it stuck in my brain for all these years, but it's good!

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