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Back in Oklahoma

Well I'm back in oklahoma after two wonderful weeks in the great north. I had a great time up there, but only wish i had more time to spend with my friends up there, too bad they were all deployed (just kidding.) I had a great time spending two evenings, if you can call them evenings since the sun never really set, with Dave and Christy. They make a great match for each other. I'm about to take a road trip in the next few weeks. I love use or lose leave since no one can tell me that I can't go. I should be driving through Arkansas, Kentucky (to see Kirstin and The Kid) south carolina (town of Duncan to see my parents) then off to New York for a good time at the lake. I may even drive through toledo on the way back to oklahoma in time to head off to the tents in the desert. I'll sign off here with a couple of sites i recomend to everyone. First off is Clenched Fist Labs a great online comic strip created and drawn by a friend of mine (a co-creater of The Movie). Also check out the Neil Gaiman page. An excellent insight into the mind of my favorate author.

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