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USA Today hacked

Apparently I'm WAY out of it, because I missed this news altogether. I guess USA Today was cracked, and fake news stories were put on their site. Have to say, it gives me a chuckle, even though white hats should not approve of such hijinks (the url that 'hijinks' used to reference no longer works). ;) Through some diligent searching (and a lot of help from ars-technica) I found screen caps of the 'value added' content. All images have been clipped and converted to 'png' to save size, even so I'm linking to the pictures instead of displaying them.

Update: Also, apparently in the many iterations between this post and actually getting it translated to the current iteration, the images were lost. Sniff. I'll keep the post for posterity.


USA Today Home Page

Groundzero, Tel Aviv

April Fools, he rose from the dead

Donald Rumsfeld, American Beauty

Bush Proposes new Cabinet level post

9th circuit court at it again

Political Cor­rect­ness is out

There may have been more, but I don't think so. Some of these are funny, some not. I found what they decided to add more in­ter­est­ing than their decision to crack into USA Today.

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