Short Attention Span Theatre

Craziness abounds - YATTA!

I've never even heard of these guys before, but they apparently have something of a following, or used to, or something. Wacky stuff. Check out the shockwave animation spoof of the song on the this page.

Note: All the yatta links are down.

Oh, and another thing, what's up with Sierra deciding that they shouldn't produce kick-butt games anymore? I mean, Homeworld set the standard for so many games, and now they're thinking of dropping funding for Homeworld 2?!?!?!? Admittedly, Homeworld Cataclysm wasn't quite up to par with the original, but it was still a good game.

Anywho, nothing's solid, so no clown-suit and high-powered rifle for a while, but I swear I need my next space-based RTS fix!

Hmmm... Maybe I'll play with some of those mods...

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